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Virtual Reality Team Building

Metaverse Escape Rooms

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For a reality questioning experience, unlock the world of immersive metaverse escape room adventures. Everyone will have their turn navigating rooms in the metaverse as well as deciphering clues in the “real world”.


Gather your team and prepare to delve into a realm of mystery and excitement.


Key features:

  • Intuitive controls and minimal buttons

  • Multi-Location: You can take on the rooms together from different locations! Re-connect your team!

  • Only 4m x 4m needed to deliver one of our VR escape rooms.


Teamwork is key if you are going to make it back to the “real world”. If you want to come back.

Bomb Squad

Immerse yourself in the world of bomb disposal in our exclusive Metaverse Bomb Squad challenge. This heart-pounding experience will test your team's communication and problem-solving skills like never before.


In Bomb Squad, one member at a time from each team steps into the virtual reality realm, where they are faced with the daunting task of defusing various bombs. But here's a twist – they won't have the manual! The rest of the team, situated back in the “real” world, wield the vital instructions.


Working together is the key as you race against both the clock and competing teams. With tension mounting and adrenaline surging, can your team keep a cool head, decipher the instructions, and prevent disaster? The Bomb Squad experience delivers a unique team-building challenge that will leave your group on the edge of their seats

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